Friday, May 3, 2013

A Ton of Work

Hey Mom!
Well, for lack of time, I will keep this email short (that and that I started a new planner for the new transfer and all of the week's activities are in the old planner). I will first announce the transfer call info. Elder Goodrich and I will stay together; Elder Waterboehr will be joined by Elder Hunter, who will be the new district leader; Elder Ludlow from my MTC district has been called to replace Elder Fausnaught as a zone leader in Jena (awesome!); and Elder Moore will be joined in Werdau by Elder Warr, Elder Fausnaught's companion that he trained in Idar-Oberstein after we served together.

This week was ok. We did a ton of work, probably more work than I ever did before on my mission, and probably saw the least success as almost any week on my mission. On one day, I think Thursday, we did around 6 hours of finding time, which was really intense, and the only lesson we taught within that whole time was a girl from Mexico on vacation. We did get some info from another pretty cool kid, but his girlfriend came up and interrupted right as we were going to start teaching him about the Restoration, but oh well. We will probably call him tonight and invite him to our weekly ward activity that is tomorrow. We also had a good walk-in appointment with a less-active guy named Lutz, which went really well. He is an interesting dude and speaks incredibly fast with a real hard accent, so he is kind of hard to understand sometimes. He has kind of fallen away from the church over the last few years and told us that he knows he needs to get active again. He said that we could meet with him regularly, so we will probably call him in a day or two and set up another appointment with him. I got to go on a split with Elder Fausnaught before he goes home (in two days), which was great. We had a good lesson with that lady who took her name off the records of the church. Besides that, we didn't have too much going on this week unfortunately. Just a lot of finding time. Oh yeah, we also got a referral from the other elders since they had not contacted him yet, called him, made an appointment which fell out because of his work, and then told us to call on Tuesday.

Well, I am out of time. We had a sport Pday in Weimar and that took up most of the day, so hopefully next week's email will be more detailed. Love you!

LG, Daniel

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