Monday, May 6, 2013

A Successful Week in Gera

Hey Mom!
This week was probably our most successful week in Gera so far. We taught 2 good lessons on the street on Monday after Pday, and then 3 more on Tuesday. We also had an appointment with that referral that we contacted, Raymond. He is a guy from Zimbabwe and is super religious. He is also hilarious. He likes to talk a lot and it is almost impossible to stop him. He kept us there at the first appointment for a little over 3 hours and when we told him at the beginning of that lesson that we would probably have 30-45 minute appointments, he was kind of disappointed. The second lesson that we had with him was only 2 and a half hours long, but was really good. He has a ton of good Christian values, has a good understanding of the Bible, and is willing to read in the Book of Mormon. At our last appointment, as he was closing the door right after we had given him the assignment to read 1 Nephi 8 in addition to reading from the beginning if he had the desire to know the story, he was like "Okay I'm going to go read the Book of Mormon!" It was way cool. He also already told a bunch of his friends about us and our message, and took a German Book of Mormon to give to his wife who is German. He also said he would try to come to our ward evening and bring some friends. He is legit.
Other than that, we had a really cool service opportunity on Saturday. Alex Krause, a YSA in our ward (the only YSA) did a bunch of track and field things when he was younger and now is in charge of the tournaments at the stadium in this one park, and he invited us to help keep things running during a track and field meet. I got to help pick up these balls that little kids were throwing as far as they could, and then help measure the length that these older guys could shotput. The coolest part was that I was helping with this girl and her boyfriend the whole time. We had contacted the boyfriend on the street the last day, who said no like most everyone else. I got a good chance to get to know him, explain why I had talked to him, and it was just a really good opportunity to show him that we were normal people with a higher standard. He wasn't interested as far as I know, but he now has a different impression of the missionaries. He told us that when we talked to him the day before, he thought we were Russians trying to sell him something haha.
Well, there were other good experiences this week, but I can just talk about things when I get to Skype home. I hope you have a great week, and I will talk to you on Sunday! Love you!
LG, Daniel

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