Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

From Daniel's Mom:  We got to Skype with Daniel on Mother's Day!  He looked great, he sounded great, he is the same Daniel we know and love.  I got to say hi to his companion, Elder Goodrich. They are doing well and working hard.  Daniel said that most of the people there do not believe in God and are not interested in religion.  The missionaries have to be very creative to get the attention or interest of the people they meet to be able to share their message. 
Daniel reaches his year mark this week on Thursday, May 16.  Last year on Mother's Day he spoke in Sacrament meeting and we had all of our family with us.  We miss him but know that our lives our being blessed by his service and dedication as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We are proud of him and love him very much.  He is an excellent son, brother, friend and missionary.  We look forward to being with him in a year from now!
Hey Mom!

We had a sport Pday today in Jena (pronounced Yay-nuh, thought most Americans would think it was like Gina haha), and we just got back to Gera. I also won't make this email too long because I still have to email Pres. Schwartz, and we just skyped yesterday, so there is pretty much no new information.

We had a good evening yesterday after the skype call. We went by on some former investigators the other elders had given us out of their area book, and we didn't see success from it, but it was still good. We then had our call-ins with our district leader, Elder Hunter. Today, we pretty much were just in Jena the whole time after studies and going shopping. We played soccer, ultimate frisbee, and some football. It was fun. Tonight, after we finish emails, we will try to go by on a guy we met last week and then try to get involved with a choir possibly that we found out about a couple weeks ago. I hope it turns out ok.

Well, that is really pretty much all of the information that I have for now. I am sure a bunch of things will happen between now and next week, so there should be a bigger report then. I hope you have a good week! Love you!

LG, Daniel

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