Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Appointments, Investigators and Some Hard Labor

Hey Mom!
This week was a pretty good week. On Tuesday, we had a good appointment with Schw. Doerlitz, after which we headed to Raymond's for an appointment.  We told him we only had 45 minutes for the appointment, which turned then into 2 hours. Later we played a game at Gemeinde Abend called the Settlers of Catan, and it is a really fun game. On Wednesday, we did more work on the Krause's basement. It was really hard work. We were pickaxing his basement and carrying up dirt to a dumpster for about 6 hours straight. He took us to McDonald's afterwards, where we met an American guy from Massachusetts. Then Thursday was probably the worst day of the week. We had two good member appointments, but we had planned 3 lessons with potential investigators and they all fell out. We went to Erfurt on Friday for Zone Training, and that ate up the whole day. In the evening, Raymond came and met us near our apartment and we had a good appointment with him. We finished reading 1 Nephi 1 with him and helped him see how and why we would be giving him commitments and how it could be more focused when we meet with him. The Kempes walked past when we were teaching him, and they helped out quite a bit, too. Raymond wants his wife to meet with us as well, but she has concerns about our church that aren't true, like only being allowed to marry within the church, and Sister Kempe did a really good job answering those questions.
On Saturday, an investigator from the other missionaries got baptized. His name is Bernd Strunk, and he is really a cool guy. He has been being taught by the missionaries for the last couple years or so, and finally got baptized. After that, we had our mission-wide finding day. We did a ton of different finding activities, and got a pretty cool potential investigator. Sunday was good as well. We had church, where Bernd got confirmed, and then afterwards ate tacos with some of the members of the branch. When we got home, we went out contacting for a little while and had a really awesome lesson with this guy named Andreas. We asked him what the purpose in life was, and we got into a really good conversation about his life and his beliefs. The Spirit was really strong during that conversation, probably one of the strongest moments of the Spirit so far on my mission. We got his email address and will probably get in contact with him today. After that, we made our weekly plan.

This next week should be a good week. We have a couple good appointments planned, and I hope they all go through. Well, that is it for this week. I hope you have a great week! Love you!
LG, Daniel

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