Monday, April 22, 2013

Working for Miracles

Hey Mom!

Well first I have to say that I don't have a lot of time but I will try to report everything as best as I can.

We had a pretty good week this week. On P-day last week, we were walking down the pedestrian zone with the other Elders here in Gera and some guys threw a couple pebbles at us and we went over and talked to them and ended up teaching them about the Restoration of the gospel. The guy who seemed to have the most potential lives in Hessen though and was just there to take a test, so we gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to get in contact with the missionaries in Hessen. We met with Schwester Doerlitz on Tuesday, and afterwards in the evening we had our weekly ward activity at the church.
On Wednesday, we finally had a chance to meet with Lukas Granse, the YSA we met a couple weeks ago who is religious and works with this activity for religious youth. He invited us to go to one of the activities, which is on May 4th, and he said there will be around 50 people there betwen the ages of 10 and 30, so I hope great things come out of that. Lukas' concerns mostly had to do with having prophets and authority, and he thinks that whatever we do on this earth, we will eventually live with Christ. So that is something we are going to be focused on with him next time we meet him. We then went by on Herr Hundt, a man we had taught a first lesson to at his car dealership. We asked the employees there where he was and they said that he doesn't work there anymore, so he either got fired or quit within the last seven days, which was kind of annoying. We later on had a cool lesson on the street with a guy who was fixing his bike pump.
On Thursday, we met with Andreas Doerlitz, one of the sons of Schwester Doerlitz. We met in his music studio and had a really good lesson with him about hope. We also had dinner with the other Gera elders at their apartment that evening. All of Friday was spent dealing with Zone Conference. We traveled bright and early to Nuernberg, where Elder Hutchings is serving, and had meetings there pretty much the whole day. We got back late that night. On Saturday, we had a very long planning session for the week, and also did some work on the new GPS we got. On Sunday, we headed to Erfurt for District Conference (since it is not a stake) and listened to some really good talks from Pr. Schwartz and from Elder Schuetze, who was just released from the area seventy I think. When we got back, we did some contacting and had an interesting conversation with this old guy who said he made the decision that he will not live eternally and now is Buddhist, and then we had a good, short conversation with a woman about eternal families. In the evening, we did a go-by on a  member who had a birthday. When we were waiting for our Strassenbahn to take us back, we had about a 15 minute wait, so we decided to knock some doors. At the first door we went to, a lady came up behind us to go into the building and said she knew who we were. Turns out she was a former member who had taken her name off the records of the church. She set up an appointment with us for tomorrow, and hopefully we can see a miracle there.

Anyway, that is the week. I hope your week is awesome! Love you!

LG, Daniel

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