Monday, April 1, 2013

A Busy Week and Pictures

Hey Mom!
(Daniel had an early pday on Saturday, March 30, instead of today.)

This week has gone pretty well so far. On Tuesdays in Gera, there is a ward activity in the evenings, so on Tuesday we went to church, had a lesson about the Book of Mormon, ate dinner, and played a bunch of Ping Pong. On Wednesday, we met with Schwester Dörlitz, an older woman in our ward who loves the missionaries. She keeps track of all of the missionaries that have served in Gera since 1990, and I was the 231st entry in her book. We also took some cookies (that Sister Kempe made) to our neighbors just to introduce ourselves. We share a floor with an old lady who has a lot of health problems, and she pretty much loves us. Whenever she sees us, she always says "Oh, meine Elders!" She is really nice. On Thursday, we were in Erfurt for pretty much the whole day, and we had district meeting, interviews with Pr. Schwartz, and did some finding time with our entire zone. Yesterday, we met with another sister in the branch, Schw. Kretschmar.

We then went to a big park to do some contacting, but we were struggling approaching people because it was a holiday and people really looked like they would not want to be disturbed. After a dinner pause, we went by on another sister in the branch. She was busy, so we set out a new appointment with her for next week. We then knocked some doors in her area, and pretty early on we were let in by someone. We rang the bell on a building, and the person who lived on the top floor looked out the window and asked what we wanted. We told him we were talking about the Atonement of Christ since it was almost Easter, and he threw us down a key in an old cigarette box so we could let ourselves in (most apartments have a button you can press to unlock the building door without going down to open it yourself, and his didn't have one). We went up and started talking to him. His name is Michael Peter. He is a pretty nice guy and likes talking with us. He also is missing his right hand, which is pretty interesting. He is an atheist, and he said it would be really hard for him to believe anything we say, but he also did mention that he loved to read, which is great for us. Hopefully he makes some progress. We have a return appointment with him on Wednesday, so hopefully that will go well, too.

Besides that, we have just had P-day today. Early this morning we had an Easter walk with the branch in these woods somewhere, and then we did our shopping and up until I started emails, I have been playing chess with Elder Kempe. It has been pretty good. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes, it feels really weird that I will be 20 tomorrow! I hope everyone has a good Easter, and that things go great this week! Love you!
LG, Daniel

Daniel and his new companion, Elder Goodrich from Orem, Utah, at the Kempe's.

"A sweet view in the market place right where we live in Gera"

Daniel and Fabian, his investigator in Solingen.

"Kinder eggs galore in Solingen."


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