Monday, August 19, 2013

Genealogy Project

Hey Mom!
It was good to get your email and hear about all of the news that has been going on lately. That is cool that Mackenzie is going on a mission as well. It seems like everyone I used to go to Sunday school with is now either going on a mission or married.  I am also glad that Andrew got married. He is a great guy.I remember when he was a priest and would always try and make me laugh when I was a deacon/teacher when I would hand over the sacrament tray to him. Good times.
Well, this week was a pretty stark contrast to last week. We had probably one of our slowest weeks since I have been in Gera (which is forever by the way). We have had to do a lot of planning for the genealogy project we are working on. So far we have planned out the following things: have a street display all about genealogy and have family trees drawn out in chalk on the ground, have family history firesides, make flyers that we can post throughout the city and in stores and markets, make a Facebook page for the Erfurt Zone´s genealogy efforts (after we have the permission to do that), inviting all members and investigators to study their family history, and so on. It should be good, but I have a feeling it is all going to get planned out and then I will get transferred as soon as it all starts taking effect. We will see.

We were also given an assignment from the APs to create a "Member Work Toolbox," and they gave us pages of material and old toolboxes to work through and edit. It has already taken a large chunk of time and will take a lot of time out of this week, seeing that it needs to be done by Saturday.

Other than that, this week was not bad, we just didn´t have a lot of finding time or lessons. We were in Erfurt on Monday for the zone training and then again on Saturday to see a baptism from the Elders in Jena as well as to have a meeting with the family history worker from the Erfurt branch in the family history room there.

In terms of lessons, really all we got to do this week was meet with Bernd and show him the church´s websites and also to have a meeting with Schw. Pröhl, the lady who is no longer a member of the church. We talked to both of them about genealogy as well. We should have had more appointments, but one with Emily fell out (and it already fell out again today), and the appointment we have been looking forward to for the last two and a half weeks with our investigator, Thomas, got cancelled 30 minutes before the appointment and was pushed back another 3 weeks. That one was really frustrating.
Well, that was about all that happened this week. I hope you have a great week! Love you!
LG, Daniel

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