Monday, August 5, 2013

A Variety of Activities This Week

Hey Mom!
That is way cool about our ancestor missionaries. It is always good to know about relatives who also did the same work we are doing today, even in those early days of the church. I also hope things keep going well with your missionary efforts and that things pick up.
Anyways, this week was another slow one. Nothing really happened on Monday after P-day ended. We had district meeting on Tuesday, and later on we had our weekly Gemeindeabend. We had a pretty cool service project on Wednesday morning that Bruder Krause set up for us. We helped move out some office furniture from a building that was damaged by the floods and took it across town to a different office building. We tried to talk to people about the church while doing it, but it didn't work out so well. We later had a decent amount of contacting time where we  found 3 potential investigators, the last of which was actually kind of interested, so we hope that these people can develop more interest. Then we went to an appointment with Lutz, and we watched the Testaments with him. He loved it and felt the Spirit really strong. We ended the day with English class, which is still going because this really cool guy from Afghanistan wants to get his English really good.
Thursday was a bitter-sweet day. Bitter because we got a call from our only investigator, Thomas, who told us that he had to cancel his appointment and couldn't meet for another 2 weeks (which is an eternity not to meet with someone when you are on a mission. It was a sweet day, though, because we met with Bernd, the recent convert (kind of) and he had a friend there who we got to watch "Finding Faith in Christ" with, and he showed a mild interest. That was pretty much the events of that day. Friday was weekly planning, a bunch of unsuccessful finding time, and then we did some Karate in the park with some kids who had invited us to participate. We are going again tonight and plan on inviting them to a church activity. On Saturday, we had to clean the church, and then later on we took a bus to a little town called Aga, where nothing really happened. We met later with Bernd again, after inviting his friend to come to this appointment as well, but he didn't show, so we just had a lesson with Bernd.
Yesterday was kind of interesting. After church, we ate with Alex Krause and his girlfriend in the church, and they made 12 portions-worth of Spaetzle for 6 people and made us eat it all after we had been fasting for a day, so we all just felt terrible for the rest of the afternoon. Once we were feeling better, we headed to Zwoetzen, a part of town, and went by on some members who go to the ward in Werdau because they don't get along with people in our ward. They weren't home, but the mother of the wife was there and talked with us for about an hour, telling us that it was thanks to God that she had never read the Book of Mormon. She said that when she was going to read it, some kind of force stopped her from reading it and she thought that force was God trying to tell her not to read it. I know for a fact that that was not really the case, it was more likely Satan trying to hold someone back from discovering the truth. She told us the typical reference to the Book of Revelation, and it is kind of funny because it says pretty much the same thing in Deuteronomy, but no one ever seems to realize that there is quite a bit of Bible following Deuteronomy, but just because we have the Book of Mormon, we are bringing upon us some kind of condemnation. It is funny to me that some people can be so closed off so much as to not even read the Book of Mormon to find out what really is in there. Anyways, that was pretty much the whole week.
This week should hopefully be a little busier than last week, so next week's email will hopefully have more good news than this one did. Hope you have a great week!
LG, Daniel

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