Monday, March 17, 2014

Doners and a New Investigator

Hey Mom!

We had an interesting week. It began with some bad news, namely that Lukas, our main investigator, moved suddenly to another city in our mission without telling us or anyone else. We only found that out from
a member who talked to his brother. We can´t get a hold of him but I don´t think it has anything to do with us. Apparently he was just really stressed out looking for a job and decided he would move to go
live with his dad for now. Kind of disappointing, but we should beable to give the phone number to another set of missionaries in that city.

Well other than that, the week was good. It started off with a jamsession on Monday with a member´s friend. We shared a lesson about the Spirit and asked him if he wanted to learn more and he said no. We
later found out from the member that he wanted to know how we could both be Elders even though we are so young. We will have another appointment with him next month to discuss that.

Tuesday was not bad. We walked a ways to a park to try and contact people, but there weren´t too many people there. We walked back and later on had our English class. We also took over the seminary
class for a sister who was stuck in traffic.  On Wednesday, we tried our luck in a little city called Hohenlimburg, but didn´t find anyone there. When we got back, we made our way to the Hiemers, an active member family, to have an eating appointment with them. It went well.

Thursday was kind of a busy day. Elder Moore and I had to work out his visa issues and were running around all afternoon getting everything necessary done so he can stay in the country. We were going to get a
Döner (just an awesome food you will have to eat when you get here) before taking a train to Iserlohn to contact a referral, but we didn´t have time before the train was going to leave. Good thing there wasn´t
enough time because we later went to get those Döners and a Serbian man talked to us in the Döner shop, saying he would like to learn more about God and that he has never been baptized but knows it is
important. He gave us his address and told us to come by whenever. That was a cool experience.

We had zone training in Dortmund on Friday. It went really well. We talked a lot about finding and working effectively. When we came back to Hagen, we had just enough time to do a little bit of studies and
then went to the church for a ward game night, which was really fun.  Saturday began with a deep clean of the ward building, followed by a lesson with Manuella and another with Bruder Kramer. It was a busy
day, and we got a lot done.

We also had a full Sunday. We went to church, and afterwards had choir practice and a member lunch appointment. After that was all said and done, we took a train to Lüdenscheid to have a first lesson with a new investigator, who is the boyfriend of a teenager in the ward. He is a really cool guy and is really sincere in his desire to find out if the gospel is true and if God really knows him. He pretty much just absorbed the first lesson and then prayed at the end. The member family is doing a great job with him. He has already been over to their house for dinner a lot and prays with them and everything. I think he will progress quite quickly, but we will be sure to take it at his own pace and not rush anything. He is going to a young men´s
activity tomorrow, institute in Dortmund on Thursday, and we have another lesson on the coming Sunday. We are pretty excited about all of that.

Well, this should be a good week. We have zone conference tomorrow. It will be my last zone conference before I go home, which is a really weird feeling. I think it should be really good though. I hope you
have a good week! Love you!

LG, Daniel

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