Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Companion

Hey Mom!

I will try to keep my email a little shorter, I am running out of time since I had to write some other emails and call some Elders for various reasons, and also we are heading to Dortmund today since I accidentally left my coat there after stake conference.

Well, this week was fast and slow at the same time. On Monday, after going to Dortmund and getting some BVB gear as well as some new ties, we had FHE with the Kleinerts in Herdecke, which went well. 

On Tuesday, I went to the dentist because I thought my front tooth was cracking in half (which you can see in the right angle of light that there is a huge crack/ridge in it) but the dentist told me it is not a concern right now. We will have to see what American dentists think when I get back. A lot of the day was spent with Elder Norman packing, and then we went to lunch with Bruder Kramer so Elder Norman could say goodbye. We ended the day with English class. 

Wednesday was good. We had district meeting as well as an appointment with a member of the ward, Bruder Kraft. He asked me if I play instruments, and I said I play guitar. He got way excited and said he has a friend who plays guitar who would want to jam with me, so he set up an appointment with this guy so we can eat, have a spiritual thought, and then play some guitar. But that isn´t until the Monday after next, so it will be a small waiting period. We ended the night with Ward Council Meeting, and it was ok.

We woke up early on Thursday to go to Frankfurt so I could pick up my new comp, Elder Moore. He is a good guy and has good desires. He is a pretty big dude and makes me look tiny. We are probably one of the more interesting looking companionships in the zone haha. But he is way funny and is a good comp. We drove with a travel bus back up to Dortmund and when we got there, we almost immediately had a "setting expectations" lesson with a potential investigator, Lukas. It went really well, and he is now a new investigator. We stayed there with him afterwards for Institute in Dortmund, and he had a good time. 

On Friday, we spent most of the day inside so I could debrief Elder Moore on the area and the members and investigators, as well as make our weekly plan. When we finally were able to go outside, we pretty much just walked down the road where our church is and had a game night with some members in the ward. It was fun, and it was a good opportunity for Elder Moore to meet some of the members. 

On Saturday, we tried going by on some less-active members, but they were busy and couldn´t let us in. We had to later travel to Dortmund for stake conference. We were going to get there an hour early to have a lesson with an investigator who was coming to stake conference, but it never happened. She came, but she came in on the other side of the building. There was a guy there doing the door service, and told us he would let us know if she came in. Turns out she did come in, but the guy never came and told us. By the time we went over there ourselves, it was too late to have a lesson, but we still were able to sit with her for stake conference. It was really good. They talked a lot about hastening the work and about loving others. 

Sunday was another part of stake conference, but it was broadcasted in Hagen, so we didn´t have to go to Dortmund again. Lukas came, and he really liked the talks that were given. It was actually a broadcast from Salt Lake City to all of the wards in Germany, and there were 4 speakers. I don´t remember who the first 2 were, but the 3rd was David A. Bednar, and the 4th was Richard G. Scott. Elder Bednar gave his whole talk in German which was pretty cool. After stake conference ended, we ate lunch with an older couple in the ward, the Schmidts, and later on went to Iserlohn to try and visit a former investigator, but he wasn´t home. 

That was pretty much the week. We have an eventful week planned out for the next seven days, and I can imagine that it will go by very quickly. I hope you have a great week, too! Love you!

LG, Daniel

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