Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Called to Serve in Langen

Hey Mom!
Well, the news I am sure you have been waiting anxiously for, I am getting transferred. I have been called to serve in Langen, which is 15 minutes south of Frankfurt by train. The funny thing is, it is one of the smallest areas in our mission. I was hoping to finally get called to a big city with a large ward, but I never seem to go to those kind of places. The whole city can't be any bigger than about a mile long.  There are two benefits to getting transferred there though. First, it is a branch, but apparently there are around 70 active members so far as I have heard, and it is on the verge of becoming a ward again. It used to be a ward, and now they only need 3 or 4 active, tithe-paying members to turn into a ward once more. The second advantage is that Elder Hutchings is serving in Darmstadt, which is 15 minutes south of Langen, and so we will be in the same district! He was called to train again this transfer, so we will most likely be in the same district for at least two transfers. 

My new companion is named Elder Young. I don't know him at all. I have heard that he is obedient and very tall. He came in at the same time as Elder Goodrich, so he is going into his 5th transfer. He has been in Langen since the beginning of his mission, so he has already been there for a really long time. I will be his third companion in Langen.  Not many Germans even know where Langen is because it is too small and unknown. It will hopefully give me a good chance to work very closely with the members and their friends because there are likely less finding resources in Langen than there are in Gera, which are already slim. Just pray for me that things will go well there.

This week was another slow one. We only had a few lessons, and we weren't able to find any investigators or anything. We found a few potential investigators, but we tried calling one of them and the number was fake (happens a lot). We will see about the other two. We did some fun contacting this week. We got some gummy bears and wrote down a ton of thought-pondering questions, then invited people to answer them and gave them gummy bears in return.We also got a call from a lady we met with a week or two ago that just wanted to talk to us since we are from America. She said that we would be allowed to come in and help her students by just speaking English with them. 
We had a lesson with Schwester Proehl, which went well. We talked about Alma 5 and how we can feel the same way now as at the time of our conversion to the gospel. I had a split with Elder Markham, which was good. We met with Bernd, speaking to him about repentance and the blessings that come from it. Elder Watts and I also got to give the lesson in Priesthood, where we talked about self control from the Brigham Young teachings book.

Hope you have a good week! Love you!

LG, Daniel

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