Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Staying in Gera for a Fourth Transfer

Hey Mom!
I will just cut straight to the chase. I am staying in Gera with Elder Watts for this next transfer, so I will be in Gera at least until September.  There is apparently still something for me to do here. The only change that is happening in our whole district is Elder Hunter is going to work in the office with Elder Waterboehr and he will be replaced by Elder Markham.
This last week we had a lesson with Sister Sorge in her garden where we showed her a member pamphlet we made, and then after that we visited the Meckels and did the same thing. We also had a good lesson with out investigator, Thomas, but it wasn't as smooth as last time because it was the first half of the plan of salvation, and he is an atheist. He had a lot of concerns, but if he actually prays about it, it should clear itself up.
We also had an appointment with Lutz this week, which went ok. He still won't come to church even after he promises to come again and again and then doesn't even make an effort. Other than that, we were supposed to have a lot of time to find new investigators this week, but every time we were going to go finding, something came up and someone needed help moving or other stuff like that. I am not saying that those are bad things, but this week the whole zone was asked to make inspired goals for how many lessons we were going to achieve in the last week of the transfer, and every time we would have had an opportunity to reach an inspired goal, other things got in the way, so instead of having 9 lessons, we had 4, and only one of those was with a non-member. Oh well.
Anyways, I don't have much time but I will write a better email next week, hopefully with some news that we have found some new investigators. Elder Watts and I have made it a goal this week to plan by the Spirit better, so we will see what happens. Have a good week, love you!
LG Daniel 

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