Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Transfers and a New Companion

Hey Mom!
Well, this week was pretty good to start out, but the ending was kind of disappointing. Elder Goodrich and I had some good appointments with some of our members, and then Thursday was transfers. I was in Jena with Elder Ludlow and Elder Warr while we were waiting for the train with all of the new elders in our zone to come in. We did some cool contacting methods there (Elder Warr walking around with a box on his head and me and Elder Ludlow talking to people about it), and then we had an appointment with one of their investigators. After that, we hopped on the train with all of the elders already on it. We all headed back to Gera and that night, Elder Watts and I met with a less-active member of our ward. Elder Watts is awesome by the way. We get along really well and both play golf and study psychology, so we have a lot in common.

Anyway, there was also something really awesome that happened when we got back to Gera: Elder and Sister Kempe were approached by a YSA girl who said she had seen us and knew a little about our church and wanted to meet with us. She gave the Kempes her contact info, and we called her and made out an appointment. The sad part of it was she did not show up to the appointment, and she didn't pick up her phone when we tried calling her after that. We are going to try calling her again today, and hopefully she will pick up. The end of the week was disappointing because she was only one of five appointments with investigators/potential investigators where the person didn't show up. We didn't end up having any lessons with nonmembers this week, which was really lame. But we will keep trying, and will keep setting up appointments.
We did have some good experiences this week, though. We had a street display on the pedestrian zone, and we made a "Wheel of Fortune" style wheel with various prizes for people who spun it, for example, a Book of Mormon, a church brochure, a "Finding Happiness" DVD, or a cookie. It went really well, and we gave out about 7 or 8 Books of Mormon doing it. We also had the "Bring a friend with" Sunday this week, and there were 5 non-members at church, including a member's wife who is kind of anti. It was really cool, and Elder Watts and I got to give talks in sacrament meeting. Mine was on the Restoration, and Elder Watts gave one on the Plan of Salvation.
All in all, it was not a bad week, but I just hope we can have more appointments this week that the investigators actually come to. Keep praying for us and for our potential investigators; we need to get some real progressing investigators here in Gera. I hope you have a great week! Love you!
LG, Daniel

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