Monday, February 25, 2013

A Slow, Cold Week

Hey Mom!
This email won´t be too long, we had a pretty slow week and I don´t have a lot of time today. This week we did not have many appoinments because it was creative finding week, and it was really cold and no one wanted to talk outside, so that´s why this week was so slow. We met with Bruder Olbert on Tuesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was on a split in Solingen with Elder Sommerville from Düsseldorf. We tried to go by on some members, and the addresses were mostly incorrect. We found a lady through doing that who was not super interested, but interested enough that we have an appoinment with her next week. We had language study with that member who has post-traumatic stress disorder on Thursday, and we also met with Stan the Man. Later on we had an activity for the young single adults of the ward, which was us, a 19 year-old guy Thaddäus Hoppe, and two girls in the ward, Ashlee and Sonja. We spoke in English the whole night because Ashlee is from South Africa and Sonja is from Sydney, Australia, and Thaddäus can speak English. It was pretty fun, and they needed our support since there are so few of them.
We also did some finding that day with a white board, offering our "stop smoking workshop." It was funny, we were talking to a guy and he was telling us that everyone just thinks we are a sect and that no one wants to talk with us or stop smoking, and as he was explaining all of this to us, a guy came up to us and said that he wanted to stop smoking. The first guy walked away at that point, and it was really cool. We met with Domingo on Friday, and it was also really funny. He has a bunch of bird food in his backyard, and shoots cats in the butt with a BB gun when they are in his yard trying to eat the birds, and there was a cat in his yard when we came, and he grabbed his BB gun and went into the bathroom with a window to the backyard and tried shooting it. We finally met with Bruder Köster again on Saturday, which was good. After ward council and church meetings, we ate with the Holland-Letz family just in the church building. It was a pretty slow week, like I said, but it was still good.

Oh yeah, and we went to Düsseldorf on Saturday morning to do a street display, and it was absolutely freezing and one elder forgot gloves so I let him borrow mine and we would trade back and forth, and then at the end when we took the tables and everything back to the apartment, my hands were so cold and in pain that the cold table left indents on my hands for a few minutes. It was terrible, but oh well, my hands are fine and I guess I will get more blessings from it haha.

Well, that was pretty much the week. I hope your week is good, love you!
Liebe Grüße, Daniel

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