Monday, November 5, 2012

A Successful Week

Hey Mom!

So this email is going to be very short, we have to catch a train to Saarbrücken for Pday with some of the Elders in the zone, so I will try and write letters later tonight with more info about the week.

Long story short, we have had a really successful week this week. We taught 10 lessons, which for this area is really good progress. Our appointment for today with one of our investigators fell out but is now on Wednesday, so it should still go ok. One of our American investigators is making slow but sure progress. We met an American guy on the Fuß who called us yesterday and told us he had had four really bad days in a row and he has basically hit rock bottom. There is more to the story, but we have an appointment with him tomorrow. He is looking for something to help him in his life, and he is really open to a lot of things. There is also a young man about 8 or 9 years old who said he wants to be baptized. He is a friend of one of the younger kids in our German branch, and wanted to pass the sacrament, and was told that he had to be baptized and receive the priesthood first, so now we will hopefully start teaching him and his mom, who are both from Armenia.

There was a lot more that happened this week, but we have to catch this Bahn! Love you!

Liebe, Daniel

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