Monday, September 10, 2012

Travel and Two Day Splits

Hey Mom!

It has been busy with travel here this last week. We had two splits, both of which were two day splits. Normally, splits are supposed to be for only one day, but since the travel is so expensive and since Präsident Schwartz wants everything to start going better in our zone, he has allowed two day splits. The first split I was on was after District Meeting on Tuesday. Elder Baum, one of the Elders from Bittburg, and I went from Saarbrücken back to Idar-Oberstein. We had a decent split, signing up at the hospital as life crisis clergy if anyone wants to call us. It is not likely though; the hospitals here are owned by the churches, and it is an Evangelisch hospital, so they are most likely going to call Evanglisch ministers. My next split was with Elder Motto, Elder Jongejan's golden. He was super pumped to find and was really excited to be on a split since Elder Jongejan is a zone leader and they don't have as much time for finding. We had some pretty good days and we found a potential investigator lady while dooring in a dorf called Hammerstein, which is about five minutes from Idar-Oberstein. I also helped him learn some German terms and things around town like what some street signs meant and such. He is really motivated to find.

We also had our concert with the Evangelisch choir we were singing with, and it went really well. Afterward when everyone was in the next room eating and drinking, Elder Gautreaux and I got to sing them a couple hymns which was really cool. I will include pictures next week.

Yesterday we had stake conference in the American Stake, and it was really awesome. Elder Patrick Kearon was there, the one who gave the talk  in Priesthood session about wearing flipflops in the desert and getting stung by a scorpion when he was a kid. We got to hear him speak three times, once in stake priesthood training and then twice in the normal meetings. His talks were really good and I took a bunch of notes.  After the stake priesthood training meeting, Elder Gautreaux and I got to meet him and shake his hand. It was the first time I have ever shaken some one's hand that I had seen in general conference, and it was really cool.

Today, I got the chance to go golfing since it is P-day. We went to a golf course in Baumholder where the military people and some Germans also like to play. I was playing really, really awful and was hitting the ball very poorly and I didn't know why other than the fact that I was using Titleist AP2s, which are really nice clubs but I have never liked them at all. Then I realized that I had my glasses on and I had never played a round of golf wearing them before. I took them off and starting hitting the ball much better. It was still really hard to play though, since the course was all in meters instead of yards, and I had no idea how far to hit the ball. But I guess I cannot complain too much because now I can say I played golf in Germany.

Well, that is pretty much it for this week.  We are about to stop by a potential investigator who is a professional singer that tours all over the world but lives here in Germany.  Hopefully he is there; the last times we have tried to meet with him, he has not answered his phone and he did not pick up the last time we called to make sure we could still meet, so we will see. Anyway, hope all is well and that everyone is having a good week.
Liebe, Daniel

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