Monday, August 13, 2012

More Pictures From Idar-Oberstein

I was in Utah for a couple of weeks helping my daughter with her two children while they moved into their new house.  Here are more Idar-Oberstein pictures from Daniel that I wanted to share now that I am home and have time to post them on this blog.

This is an overhead view of Daniel's area.  I think this picture was taken from the Idar-Oberstein Schloss.  The road running in the front of the picture is also the road that Daniel lives on.  You can't see his building, but it is off to the left of the pictures, not far from the Felsenkirche.

Elder Squires at the Idar-Oberstein Schloss (castle).

Idar-Oberstein Schloss

Inside the Felsenkirche

Very typical random picture compliments of Elder Squires

The Felsenkirche.  If you haven't already heard about them, you should google the Felsenkirche and the Idar-Oberstein Schloss.  The history is very interesting  I would love to go there and see them for myself someday.

View of the Idar-Oberstein Schloss

Baptism of Sara Davis.

Another random picture.

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