Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One More Week in the MTC!

Hey Mom!

How's everything going? It sounds like you have been having a fun week and that you and Dad had a good 4th of July. The 4th of July here was pretty cool. We had a program first with some different musical numbers and such, one of them being an elder from my zone playing the fiddle which was pretty sweet. We got to go outside afterwards and watch fireworks, but they were'nt spectacular and they were kind of far away.
This week has been pretty good. We got our flight plans! We leave on Monday morning early and fly to Dallas, and then from there to Frankfurt. I think we have 3 or 4 hours in the airport in Dallas, and we are allowed to call whoever we want which is pretty cool. I'll buy a phone card or two so I can talk to people for a while.  Saturday is like a second Pday this week since we leave on Monday so we can do last minute laundry, pack, and write last emails and letters. I am so excited to leave the MTC. It's an awesome place here, but I'm ready to be in Frankfurt. Some of the missionaries that I really like are going to Alpine; after our missions though, a lot of us will be going back to BYU so I'll probably get to hang with a lot of them then. I also hope that in Germany I will get to play soccer on Pdays. I know soccer is huge there, so I bet there will be members' games and stuff that I could hit up. I also printed off a few good conference talks in English and in German so when I'm on the plane I can learn some more and see how they translate things like talks. The only thing I'm really nervous about is getting there and not being able to understand what they are saying because they talk so fast and have some different dialect. It probably won't end up being a huge deal though.
Well, we are pretty much finished teaching our teachers as progressing investigators. Elder Bonzo and I taught Bruder Luna and Schwester Alder yesterday, so I don't know if we will have another time to teach them. Two companionships teach everyday, and since we taught last, tomorrow and the day after that the other four companionships in our district will teach them. I think they told us that after that we will not be teaching more lessons because Friday is in-field orientation all day, Saturday is kind of another Pday, Sunday is Sunday, and we leave on Monday. I'm going to miss my teachers; they have done a super great job preparing me and teaching me how to help others. I hope when Matt H. comes into the MTC, he gets Bruder Luna as a teacher. If not, the other teachers are really awesome as well. I have met Elder Jex, who you brought up in your last letters. He's a really awesome elder. A lot of the new elders are pretty cool.
I got the tiebars you sent, they're really awesome. Thanks! Well, nothing else has really been different or spectacular this week; everyone is just super ansty to get to Germany. I hope all is well, and I'll email again on Saturday with my exact flight plans and anymore news that I have.  Love you!

Liebe, Daniel

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