Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making Progress With the Language

Hey Mom!

Well things this week have gone pretty well. Elder Bonzo and I have two investigators: Karl Knoll and Frau Zeidler. Our lessons with Frau Zeidler are going better than with Karl; he's tough to teach because he already believes in God and eternal families, he just thinks that it doesn't really matter which church someone goes to.  I had an interview with my teacher Bruder Luna yesterday, and he told me that I am doing really well and that he likes how much I have learned and am learning about the language because if someone in the district has a question about Deutsch, they can ask me and I usually can tell them. It's great that I have reassurance that I'm not behind in the language or anything. The only thing that is hard for me is forming sentences in my mind and being able to keep eye contact while I'm thinking about it. I can't wait for the moment that it all clicks and I can start speaking faster. I can say most of the things I want to say, it just comes out very slow; so slow sometimes that I forget what verb I had planned on using second in a sentence so that by the end of the sentence I can't even remember the verb (since any verb aside from the first verb, or after a subordinating conjunction, gets kicked to the end of the sentence). I'm still having a blast learning the language though.

I saw Elder Crabtree a couple days ago at lunch. It's really cool seeing him again and talking to him. I barely recognized him when he called out my name but then when he stood up I realized who it was. We have both changed a lot since we were little kids and I'm surprised he noticed me just walking by. The new mission president conference is in two weeks.  That means that all of the general authorities, including the First Presidency, will be here. We probably won't get to see them since they close off the building to missionaries during the meeting, but typically this means that one of the apostles or one of the First Presidency will speak at our Sunday devotional, which is going to be awesome.  I'll send home more info about the week in my letters home.

Ich weiß, dass das Buch Mormon wahr ist. wir können viele Segnungen empfangen, wenn wir in das Buch Mormon lesen und studieren. Ich habe viele geistig Erfahrungen, wann ich habe in das Buch Mormon lesen und darüber beten. Ich liebe das wiederhergestellt Evangelium Jesu Christi, und ich weiß das wir durch die Grundsatze des Evangliums zur Himmlischer Vater zurückzukehren. Ich bin sehr dankbar für meine Familie. Ich liebe Deustch, aber es ist sehr schwer.

I would write more auf Deustch but I don't have the time to. I really love you!!!!

Liebe, Daniel

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