Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goodbye For Now BYU!

We had a busy family weekend this week with graduation ceremonies and packing Daniel up to leave BYU to go on his mission.  Daniel's oldest brother, Ryan, graduated from BYU on Friday.  Our whole family was there to watch him receive his diploma.  Daniel's sister, Valerie, graduated from BYU six years ago.  We took this picture in the same place as we did six years ago.  It's a great family tradition that we plan to carry on with Mat and Daniel.

This picture marks the end of Ryan's last year of college and the end of Daniel's first year of college.  I don't want to leave Mat out, so I will also mention that this is the end of Mat's second year of college and the end of his first year post mission. 

Here's Daniel in front of his BYU dorm.  He has had a great freshman year.  I took this picture of him early this morning just after we loaded all of his luggage for the drive back home to Las Vegas.  Congratulations on a very successful freshman year Daniel!  He has kept his gpa at scholarship level and will get to defer his scholarships to use after his mission.  I now have 3 1/2 weeks to enjoy Daniel's company and to help him finish his mission preparations.  He's just about ready to go!!!

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