Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Today is Daniel's 19th birthday!  He will spend most of his last teenage year as a full time missionary.  Last weekend all three boys came home for a visit and we celebrated Daniel's birthday then.  When I asked him what cake he wanted he said the traditional cookie cake, which means a 12 inch decorated chocolate chip cookie.  So I got two--one in English and one in German.  We ate the English cake here at home and he took the German cake back to his dorm at BYU to share with Matt Hutchings as they celebrated being called to the same mission.

Happy Birthday Daniel!

So what birthday present do you get for a 19 year old who is about to leave for a mission?  White shirts.  I also gave him his copy of the Book of Mormon in German.  And we have a major missionary shopping session when he finishes his semester at BYU.  Happy Birthday Daniel!  We love you!!!

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